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The above can possibly be us as a guide for the use of Danish research/development funds. ucation Several of our universities today offer programs in space research and space technology. The traditional fields of physics, electricity, mechanics, software, etc. connect well with the space industry. Where I immiately see a perhaps unnotic potential is within the interdisciplinary understanding of systems. Candidates who specialize in one field and understand a number of others are necessary for a successful space mission. That is why we also place emphasis on training these kinds of candidates.

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The CubeSat projects are ideal platforms for this kind of training – regardless of the outcome of the satellite project, they give the successful participants a deep and broad understanding of the system. A good SMS Gateway Norway systems engineer can be us in many disciplines that are not immiately space-relat, e.g. Health science. I prict that future mical research will increasingly involve the interaction of the human body’s many sub-systems. This is where a good system engineer will be beneficial. Use of satellite data Denmark’s space strategy naturally has a strong focus on using the data that is already being generat. Using already available data is, other things being equal, the cheapest.

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The workhorse in that connection is GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) by most call GPS (although it is only the American system). The danger of focusing too much on DP Leads new businesses bas solely on data streams devis and generat by others is that we can never get ahead. The solution space for business models bas on position data may be large, but it will never give birth to a company such as Planet or OneWeb . It is clear that we must of course also reap the opportunities that lie in the downstream applications, they just must not exclude the innovative new thinking within space technology and missions. I also think that we should generally be careful about building mass surveillance systems, nothing good ever comes of that. Here, too, a technological ethical advice could be good.