Predictions for Corporate Social Media

 To find out which channels can be useful for your business strategy contact us and book a FREE consultation! The way social networks are us even in B2B settings varies quite quickly. There are always new features and trends opinion articles that suddenly go viral that change the approach to these channels. Each platform update opens the door to new opportunities to interact with your target audience and leverage technology to your business’ advantage. In its annual State of Inbound report HubSpot collects the opinions of 4500 marketers from mid-siz companies operating in both B2B and B2C.

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 We will summarize the results of the research for the year 2016 focusing attention on: Social mia marketing trends How to adapt B2B marketing and sales to B2b Leads changes Social mia marketing trends In a dynamic and constantly evolving context such as that of social networks it is necessary to pay close attention to the perception of users which changes much more rapidly than the digital strategies of companies. If we take the example of Facebook Messenger until recently the mere idea of ​​a chat conversation between a company and a user would have seem out of place because we perceiv the social network itself as a private context for connecting with relatives and friends.

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For FREE “The basic rules of social strategy for B2B companies” social-mia-marketing-messenger Today however social networks are a channel like any other available to customers to interact with companies who have the possibility of sending private messages also in response to comments on public pages. The feback is immiate and takes place on a platform with which more and more people feel comfortable without having to wait their turn to speak to customer service on the phone. Download the ebook Social DP Leads Selling What exactly is social selling? It is a method that includes all sales-relat activities that take place on social networks.