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Specifically we talk about interactions with customers and prospects such as responses to comments on the corporate profile but also about the optimization of pages for a specific buyer persona who seeks information through these channels. Salespeople have the opportunity to answer interlocutors’ questions by offering them valuable content (via links to the pages of the company blog for example) and accompanying them along the journey until they are ready to purchase.

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The attitude of traditional sellers made up of cold calls and forc attempts to sign the contract in social selling lies in the shift of focus to the customer who is support from the Business Email List beginning to the end of the buyer’s journey . HubSpot’s State of Inbound report lists social selling as the fourth top marketing priority for US companies survey. It is therefore a commercial technique that is making its way due to the potential of reaching a very large user base with a rather low investment. social-network.jpg ROI of corporate social mia Among the various marketing techniques social mia is the least overrat according to those interview in the HubSpot report.

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Advertising such as flyers or billboards was found to be the most overvalu of all. Read more in the article “ How to measure the ROI of your company’s social mia strategy ” The evolution of communication In the early stages of social networking you might expect to log in and find photos of a cousin’s or an old schoolmate’s wding on the bulletin board. Today we are much more accustom to following the official pages of a brand and in addition to reading DP Leads posts and looking at images users can ask questions write reviews and in the case of B2C even make purchases via these platforms.