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Or maybe something custom made? If our website requires quite unconventional methods, has a niche theme, nes special functionalities, then before we start installing hundrs of add-ons and plugins that extend other plugins, it is worth considering whether it would not be better to contact someone who will write us a theme or plugin from scratch very often results in the fact that not only is it very slow, but also its iting is often difficult and not always tailor to our nes. It is also worth remembering that in such cases any change in the code is difficult and in the end we may pay less for the website itself, but much more for corrections.

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In the end, you’d be better off writing your own theme or plugin. That is why in some cases it is worth focusing on tailor-made solutions – even if database we see a plugin that more or less meets our requirements. Similarly – instead of reworking a ready-made theme, it may be better to ask someone to make it from scratch according to our recommendations. Then its iting, setting or modifications will be much easier, both for the author, user and possible future performers. As you can see, choosing plugins and a theme for your website is not an easy process.


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Have to pay attention to many aspects. It is also worth testing all this on an ongoing basis, because plugins can work great independently, but in DP Leads different combinations they can cause conflicts and problems. Nevertheless, it is good to make sure and that everything works correctly and quickly. Many business owners believe that hiring a specialist to run Google Ads campaigns is an unnecessary expense, which is why they run Google Ads campaigns themselves or entrust it to an inexperienc employee.