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The review of this information will help to be aware of the critical factors and, therefore, to guarantee the priorities for possible adjustments of the business plans, if necessary. commercial productivity indicators POST ONJULY 19, 2021 Today, more than ever, sales managers have at their disposal a quantity of data or commercial productivity indicators. Today we are going to share some of these sales indicators that you must monitor to guarantee the success and achievement of the goals of your commercial teams. What are business productivity indicators? They are the indicators that companies use to measure sales performance.

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Customer relationship management, measuring (without getting overwhelm) what is sought, analyz and achiev is key to sales success. These indicators also allow an objective Oman Phone Number List evaluation of how the other departments contribute to meeting the objectives. Examples of business productivity indicators These are some examples of productivity indicators focus on the commercial area: Number of customers and prospects by business sector : By locating your customers and prospects on a map, you can see at a glance the prospecting and loyalty potential available to your sales force.

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Sectors if necessary and set targets. Customer/prospect visits : By monitoring this indicator, you will get an interesting view of your customer profile. You will DP Leads be able to program actions towards objectives that they may have unconsciously neglect. Conversion rate : The conversion rate of prospects to customers is one of the business productivity indicators help you monitor performance. It also helps your salespeople to evaluate the effectiveness of their sales actions and their pitch. Actual vs. Expect Billing for Each Seller: By monitoring these numbers, you are alert in real time to performance shortfalls. You can react quickly by studying the causes and lend a hand to a member of your team if necessary. Here are other billing KPIs that will be useful to you.