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Only with the latest generations of weather satellites have we got usable raw data and if we have to be completely sober, there is actually only one well-document data point from that era: Katrina in 2005. The only thing worse than extrapolating from one data point is doing it without any data points at all, but that was nevertheless what you had to do until a few hours ago. years ago, because the weather forecast has to come out, regardless of the weather. Now we have two data points and the discussion can begin whether a straight line should be drawn, or whether a second-order polynomial should be fitt across the 82F and the two data points.

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Because we actually do not have any physical insight into the shape of the curve. Whatever one chooses to do, the result is not good for real estate prices along the Gulf of Mexico. NASA’s 15-year-old “recipe for a Bulk SMS Lebanon hurricane” website gives a good impression of how much and how quickly both climate change and our knowlge of hurricanes are updat. “peaking between late August and mid-September” wrote NASA – just 15 years ago. Hurricanes are nam alphabetically in each season and traditionally an ‘M’ hurricane, the 13th of the season, was not something that materializ.

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Matthew came up along the outside of Florida well into October In 2017. Maria” came over Puerto Rico in the latter part of September in 2018. Enter the ‘knehasen’ in DP Leads Florida on October 10. All three in category 4-5 pieces at one or more times along the way. The government and the other parties in the parliament, which in no way qualify for the honorary title. The opposition” anymore, have discover that there may be voices in doing something about the CO2 pollution. This raises a number of problems. First, it’s about 20 years late, which means something really nes to happen if anything is going to happen.