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DanSTAR’s rocket must run with a 3.1 kN engine, and in order to deliver such a thrust, some fuel must be swallow – approximately 1.2 kg of oxidizer per second and approximately 0.3 kg of fuel. In addition to having to move a relatively large amount of liquid through some fairly small pipes, there must be enough pressure for the propellants to overcome the chamber pressure and squeeze through the usually quite small holes in the injection manifold. This means that most of the liquid system must be able to handle a relatively large pressurization – in the propellant tanks and both fe lines, approximately 30 bar, and in the pressurization system up to 300 bar.

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Addition to this, there are rather tight space and weight requirements – as a rule, valves and equipment of this caliber are locat in large industrial plants, and here you rarely think so Bulk SMS Cyprus much about the fact that it must be lightweight or that a valve must fit neatly into a narrow tube, as a rocket of our size is. fluid_diagram_captureg Illustration: Magnus Madsen Above is the preliminary fluid diagram for the rocket. At the top we have our two pressurization tanks, which are f through a common regulator to our fuel tank.

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The output from the fuel tanks is then f to the engine – all in all a system which is actually simpler than the test stand. In addition, there are of course a few safety measures, sensors DP Leads and so on that ne to be incorporat. Experiences from the test stand All in all, our test stand perform quite nicely as far as we can tell – immiately the only real issue is in achieving sufficient mass flow of pressurizing gas to maintain pressure during firing. This problem was fortunately not a big deal on the launch of the demo engine with its very small mass flow, but is something we will probably ne to fix before we can run a hotfire of the larger engine to the rocket.

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