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Since natural gas is not a renewable resource on an equal footing with oil, this conversion does not change anything in relation to climate impact, since the carbon from natural gas is not fix again within a reasonable time horizon. If plastic is to get out of the role of villain and be transform into a climate hero, we must therefore produce less, as a global society, as a global society, we will never be able to handle the increasing amounts we see everywhere. We must only use plastic where it makes sense, design plastic products to live longer so that they can be reus and form part of circular systems, so that plastic never ends up in nature, where it damages both wildlife and the climate.

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Technology development In the past two years, in collaboration with a number of colleagues around the world, I have tri to look into the crystal ball for satellite development. Our SMS Gateway Slovenia focus was the use of small satellites in space-bas research. Although the assign task only cover a part of satellites and spaceships’ eligibility, during the work we naturally discuss other aspects of applications and technology. The report is still in peer review, but the work was present at the 42nd COSPAR assembly in Pasadena.

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One thing that was clear during the work is that the technology is shrinking. Everything is getting smaller, power supplies, computers, radio transmitters and receivers etc. Or almost all DP Leads of it, because the laws of physics offer us some limitations that we just can’t get around. The area of ​​a solar panel becomes only minimally smaller and it is assum that the efficiency of the solar cells can be increas. Of course, if the subsystems’ energy consumption can be ruc – then you can make do with less solar cell area. Similarly, the aperture of a telescope or an antenna is also dictat by the laws of physics and not like breaking straight.