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Svante’s Happy Day, Kvinde Min, Virusblues, etc. Death has no sting, for he who goes to the grave with his time and yet remains immortal. Honor be their memory. Sales index: What it is, advantages of its monitoring and how to measure it POST ONOCTOBER 1, 2021 The sales index is one of the SMS Gateway Bulgaria most important business parameters, since it allows to determine the sales performance of a company and to follow its evolution. In this article, we will learn more about this indicator, its limitations and how to calculate it. What is the sales index? The average number of items sold per customer. The sales index is therefore a tool to evaluate and help make a decision about business activity.

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The sales index provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of a company, as well as the consumption patterns of its customers. In general, its study is combin with DP Leads that of other commercial indicators. By combining this index with other indicators such as sales opportunities , the average basket, the satisfaction and loyalty index, data can be obtain that helps to better control the commercial actions of your business. Advantages of monitoring the sales index These are some of the benefits of monitoring the sales index: It helps determine the profitability of the company’s sales. It also allows you to improve the strategy already appli in the business plan or adopt new strategies. It allows to evaluate the performance of an activity.