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Well, if you don’t try, it can’t be done anyway so now we’ll try and we’ll see. If all goes well, we will have a testable engine in 100 days. Then it will lack a test stand. A test stand of that caliber is a separate project, so it is definitely not includ in said project, although it is of course necessary to use the first engine for something special. So how does one even approach designing such a violent engine in such a short time. Yes, unfortunately you have to start by taking a step back and looking at the design of the entire rocket system. Sure, we have so far call the engine a 100 kN engine, but it is bas on a gradually aging preliminary design of the Spica rocket.

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We ne to have a solid and detail overview of the entire system in order to determine the total mass. Remember, space travel is by far an advanc battle against gravity and in this Bulk SMS Turkey connection mass is paramount. Thus, we currently have three large work packages in CS. First of all, we look at the entire Spica rocket and the overall launch system of which it is a part. We therefore try to define all systems and the most important requirements for them via a Work Breakdown Structure.

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Which components these systems must consist of and from there you can estimate their weight and finally the total weight of the system. Only then can you actually dimension DP Leads the final motor. However, for now we can look at the overall design of the engine. By overall design, I mean that, among other things, we can look at something as important as manufacturing technologies. Manufacturing a double-wall fire chamber in that dimension is not entirely trivial. But much more on that over the next 100 days, this morning I just want to share the big news with you.