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¬†For this reason 42% of buyers use social mia for business-relat purposes. With such a large community of people who consider social mia as an integral part of their daily lives companies cannot avoid changing their forms of communication to meet customer nes. How to adapt B2B marketing and sales to changes Marketing and sales strategies are constantly evolving. Twenty years ago social mia wasn’t even an idea yet and cold sales calls were rampant. Direct contact between customers and suppliers was essential for the dissemination of news regarding new products services or functions while now buyers are autonomous for almost the entire process and avoid being disturb by unwant phone calls or emails.

To be competitive therefore

Both marketing and sales must adapt to trends and social networks are one of the channels to be taken into very high consideration. Social monitoring Business Lead Corporate social mia monitoring must become part of salespeople’s daily routine. An active presence on these platforms allows you to share articles and informative materials useful to contacts activating new lead generation channels . social-mia-marketing-lead-generation The advice to benefit from the use of social mia for B2B sales is to start by monitoring the interactions of customers and prospects with the company profiles and intervene when you see the possibility of making a valuable contribution.

Answering questions and encouraging

Debate serves above all to build solid relationships with contacts who will be more inclin to trust the salesperson in the final and decisive phases of the purchasing cycle. Collaboration and communication between Sales & Marketing Even if salespeople engage in daily monitoring activities they may miss some contacts that arise every day on company social networks. The competence lies and remains with the marketing department DP Leads which should also take care of the posts but for the social strategy to be efficient alignment with the sales objectives is requir.