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This KPI also requires additional information, as seasonal or unexpect order volumes can cause spikes in this metric. It is important that your organization is able to anticipate which items are most popular with customers These KPIs for inventories will also useful to you. Order status Order Status tracks the real-time status of all orders and categorizes them bas on the action taken, such as “Pending Delivery”, “Waiting” or “Shipp”. In addition to monitoring the date and status of orders, this metric can also include information such as inventory accuracy . How to monitor logistics KPIs.

Dashboard software will help

Inventory dashboard or a warehouse dashboard are great tools to monitor these or other logistics KPIs such as slow-moving stock, freight cost, on-time order delivery rate, or other KPIs Switzerland Phone Number List you ne to track. This class of tools allows you to monitor information from various sources in real time, share it with stakeholders and able to analyze the performance of your business.  you create the best data dashboards so you don’t spend time updating information or wasting time searching for information in various files. Learn about the advantages of using the dashboard by requesting a demo of our platform and learning about all its functions.

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What is a bar graph

Bar Graph. Characteristics and uses POST ONJUNE 23, 2021 Surely at some point or another, you have seen, interact with, or construct a bar graph . This is very popular due to the DP Leads ease with which they can explor for quick information. Bar charts are distinguish by organizing data into rectangular bars that make it easy to compare relat data sets. Let’s learn more about its characteristics and main uses.  A bar chart is a graphical representation of the results of a statistical analysis. The chart consists of bars for each data item represent. The widths of these bars are the same, but the lengths vary depending on the importance of the value.