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Flemming Hansen from the Conservatives, who had long parliamentary experience.  was good at getting people to work together. A good starting point was also that the formulation of the problem was not too exhaustive. The basis for the Cityring fille only 144 words as the last point in the economic agreement between the Minister of Finance and the two municipalities from June 2001. It was well thought out. Because if the problem formulation is determine in detail early in the process. The actors are cut off from using the knowledge that comes in the course of the negotiations, just as it can be use tactically to expand the possibilities of finding a solution.

The basis for the Cityring negotiations

Originally include that the connection should be divide into stages. That special attention should be pay to the traffic management of Kvæsthusbro and the Agricultural College. It was writte Bulk SMS Singapore out of the negotiations when enough money was found to build the full ring connection – but without serving the two locations. In return, the negotiations were extende along the way to determine the future status of the Port of Copenhagen and the establishment of the first stage of the Nordhavnsvejen, in order to contribute with the state part of the financing of the metro extension. It is also necessary to be able to both identify and handle the actors involve in the process.

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The matter of the Cityring

The Ministry of Transport had to keep both the Ministry of Finance. The Copenhag and Frederiksberg municipalities happy during the negotiations. While the DP Leads adsselskabet (today Metroselskabet) had to be kep in as an adviser. On the other hand, Hovedstadens Udviklingsråd (HUR – the forerunner of Movia), which was part of part of the original agreement, was not invite to the decisive negotiations. For HUR, neither finance nor planning justification for the project had to be provide. It was not a single negotiation process, but a large number of different negotiations, in different tracks (or forums). The technical investigation followe its own path with the necessary professionals from the participating parties.