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A layer where fuel rises from the cooling jacket and is distribute in the outer part of the injectors and then a layer that distributes LOX to the inner part of the injectors. It can be seen that it is all made from a number of plasma-cut plates (cf. our plasma cutting project) and then a solid round of blacksmithing. In the two previous posts, I have describe why some decisions must be make in networks and why uncertainty makes it difficult to make decisions. But as was clear from my example of the Metro City ring, it is often successful to make decisions in networks.

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But it requires that there is a party, takes the lead and takes on the responsibility of program manager to make it all succee. In the matter of the City Ring, it was a task that the Bulk SMS China Minister of Transport and thus the Ministry of Transport took on. It was not an easy task: it requires a high degree of professionalism when you have to sit at the end of the table in technically, legally and financially complicate negotiations. It also requires good negotiation skills. Not least, it requires you to be what, for lack of a Danish word, can be calle an honest broker.

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As the Collins English Dictionary defines it: “If a person or country acts as an honest broker, they try to help people resolve a dispute or arrange a deal by talking to all sides DP Leads and finding out  what they want, without favoring any one side.” It is more difficult than you think. Because it requires that you can simultaneously look out for both your own interests and the interests of the other parties in the negotiation room – and that the other parties have confidence in, The city ring was from the start a political project, and the ministers and mayors involve sat at the negotiating table in all the central issues. It was therefore an advantage that there was the same transport minister throughout the negotiation process.