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BitCoin over $10,000 by the end of the year ? As many as 25 readers do not recognize a speculative bobble when they see it. Pt. is BitCoin in approx. $3700. Over 15,000 electric cars in Denmark? 12 readers thought yes. The best figures I have been able to find are from October, where Danish Statistics in October say 9588 . If you count the hybrid cars, you almost get to 15,000. End of postage discount from China to Denmark? 16 expect the Minister of Motor Vehicles to give PostNord a helping hand, but the Kattegat election pork was more important. First astronaut survives trip into space on private rocket? 22 answer yes.

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Virgin Galactic came closest, but 82km is not over the Kármán limit of 100km . Greater Copenhagen hit by cloudburst? you just ne a nice background for your computer or phone, you Bulk SMS South Africa can download various versions here. We are still in the process of creating the overall specification and mass budget for Spica. I will provide an update on that during the week. For now, I would rather talk about a slightly different but strongly relat development. About a year ago, CS met a Norwegian guy nam Eivind. An enterprising man who would very much like to develop a turbo pump for Spica.

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We have had a long dialogue with Eivind about this and it has now become that Eivind has set up his own start-up company, Orbital Machines. 4 Illustration: Orbital DP Leads Machines Graphics: Orbital Machines. Orbital Machines’ business case is to supply battery-power turbopumps to New Space start-ups. In recent years, quite a few small sat launcher start-ups have been establish, and what many of them have in common is that they are not really able to start a turbopump project. If Eivind and Orbital Machines are successful, it will now be something they can buy into. I think it’s a crazy good idea to start a company, but the best of all is that CS is a business partner/guinea pig.