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We got the OK at 3 knots and lots of sea going. Now I don’t know if you, dear reader, are familiar with Trelleborg harbour. But I can tell you that it is a very busy ferry port with 5-6 ferry routes to Germany and Poland. When we approach the fairway there were as many as two ferries that also want to enter and we were told on the radio that a ferry would leave half an hour later. We had to adapt to that. When we got behind the pier in the outer harbor and the first ferry had depart, we would disconnect Sputnik and sail the ships to the berth separately.

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We did that by pulling the tow all the way in and putting the ships on the side of each other so we could get a few people over. It went very well. But then it was him that Murphy put Bulk SMS Australia in again When we left Nexø, a little over a day before, we had lit Sputnik’s lanterns and they had burn since then and had us up almost all the power on the consumer batteries. Unfortunately, by mistake we had not disconnect the switch that connects the consumption batteries with the starter battery of one engine.

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This meant that the battery was also drain and that one of Sputnik’s engines could not start While we were lying there messing around, another ferry depart and pass fairly DP Leads close by us, our skipper André was not happy to say the least about our situation. Illustration: Jesper Rosendal, CS Luckily we had a spare battery and a couple of starter cables on board the Bolette, we transferr that to Sputnik and they got both engines start. But Murphy wasn’t . In the heat of battle, with jumper cables and battery, Scott lost his glasses. They are now at the bottom of Trelleborg harbour. Fortunately, he had Meincke on board to look out and together they got Sputnik to dock.