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Succes in creating a turbo pump, CS will get the first prototype made available free of charge for our BPM100 engine and Spica! In that case, several 100 kg can be shav off the Spica in the form of thinner tanks and a greatly ruc DPR section. So this is something that could potentially become really, really interesting for CS. Since we would prefer not to make the Spica project dependent on another project, Spica is design to be a pressure-f rocket like Nexø II, but if the turbo pump is realiz.

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We will be able to switch over and will be able to make Spica some 100 kg lighter. However, it is not a given that Eivind will be allow to design his turbo pump. To really Bulk SMS France get start, he still nes a portion of the total investor capital. The missing part must come via “folkeinvest”, a special Norwegian way of issuing shares for start-ups. If you want to read more about Orbital Machines and the possibility of becoming a shareholder in this exciting venture, then you must rush to this page. In connection with the kick-off of the emissions campaign.

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I was in Trondheim this weekend to talk a little about CS and our upcoming Spica project. If you would like to see the undersign’s presentation and Eivind’s subsequent DP Leads talk about Orbital Machines, you can watch the whole thing right here. Personally, I hope that Eivind’s campaign will be a great success, so that he can really get start with his exciting turbo pump project. A battery power turbo pump for our Spica rocket will be simply too amazing! 14 stationary spe controls have now been set up to ensure compliance with the spe limits. It is symbolic politics without any effect. It is naive to think that these 14 speometers will change the Danish public spirit and make us drive slower. And vandalism has already been committ against many of them.