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First with a screening phase until January 2004, and then an investigation report the following year. In parallel with this, the matter was kept hot at a high political level in the annual financial negotiations. In June 2003 it was decide to supplement it with an assessment of the financing possibilities. This require a special negotiation process between the state and Copenhage Municipality, because the state’s contribution had to be find by selling land in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. Along the way, there were separate forums on, for example, company construction and Nordhavnsvejen, and working groups on the environment with the municipal environmentalists, on the Metro’s aprons with the municipal road workers, and on transfer stations with DSB and Banedanmark.

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External advisers were also involve on both technical matters, passenger forecasts, and legal and financial clarification. Along the way, all parties had to ensure that there was internal Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia political support. Not least the alignment from Nørrebro to Frederiksberg gave rise to a lot of friction between the two municipalities. Here, the ministry had to hold meetings with the parties separately to make it fall into place. So the negotiations were far from a linear process, but rather an iterative course, with regular crises, where it constantly requir an effort on the part of the Minister of Transport and the Ministry of Transport to get the negotiations back on track.

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A Number Of Different Negotiation

The final technical analysis was available in May 2005 , while it took another six months to get the overall agreement in place. Continuously, new elements were brough into the negotiations in order to move the negotiations forward, for example Frederiksberg municipality demande and receive a number DP Leads of state-owne areas on Frederiksberg as compensation for the Copenhagen Municipality getting a co-ownership in the state-owned Port of Copenhagen. If I have to sum up why the Ministry of Transport succeeded in the negotiations. The following advice is always good: Unlike project management. keep the problem definition open so that it can be continuously adjust. Blocking topics can be remov, and new elements can be brou into play that can move the negotiations forward.