Material Flows Of Tones

With the correct geometry, it is aligne so that the two cone surfaces collide and create one cone surface which breaks up into tiny droplets of liquid, as seen in the illustration below. Illustration: K. Ghorbanian Flow from a coax swirler. It is clearly saw in the first pictures that there are two fluid streams, but with the correct pressure and geometry they collide into one fluid stream. From It will require a bit of experimentation to get the geometry and pressure matche correctly, so the plan is to make a small setup where we can test different injector elements. Both so that we can visually see how the liquid flows out, but of course also so that we can measure flow as a function of pressure.

The element consists of three

This is something we will immediately implement, and I hope we can get starte with measurements at the end of February. At first glance, our element might look like below.   parts; the Bulk SMS Hong Kong outer element, the inner element and the corresponding cover. As can be seen, all items are quite simple in their geometry and will be quick to make on a lathe, except for the holes that need to be drille into the sides. The immediate thought is that the three parts are made in brass or copper and silver soldere together. swirler Illustration: Thomas Pedersen Tentative design of a coax swirler element. The inner element is fed from above and in our configuration it will be LOX.

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The mass flow depends

The outer element is fed in from the side and it will then be fuel.  primarily on the entry holes. In any case, it is customary to control the pressure drop via the cross-sectional area DP Leads of ​​the entrance holes, i.e. the holes in the sides. And it is the size of these that we will, among other things, play with in our upcoming test series. But how are these swirlers then integrat into an overall injector? It’s easiest to show with an illustration, so I’ve made a rough model of a possible injector configuration below. As you can see, the injector is divid into two layers.