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Keep an overview: As program manager, you must have an overview of all the forums, actors, decisions made and outstanding issues. The central actors must have sufficient insight to be able to participate constructively and have confidence in the process, but do not need to know everything. Keep the advisors close, and use their professionally justified conclusions to delimit the common room for action. Trust and a firm framework are important : The parties to the negotiations knew each other well from the establishment of the first metro stages, and the annual economic negotiations provided a good basis for taking the discussions forward. Last but not least, remember the hierarchy.

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Equal in a network. But everyone knows that the Ministry of Finance decides more than the Ministry of Transport and that the state speaks with more weight than the Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka municipalities. It can be used actively by a good program manager. It was a very exciting process – at times downright exciting. Sometimes we argued, so it broke out. But in the end it worked out – and the Cityring will open this summer. I look forward to celebrating that. The 2018 edition was a Yes/No quiz with 10 questions, which only gives 1024 answer options, of which the 61 answers only used the 42. Is a nuclear bomb detonated in the atmosphere 14 answered yes.

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North Korea, but Kim kept the powder dry throughout 2018. Is an atomic bomb used for warfare? 2 readers were even more pessimistic, they were fortunately disappointed. I highl DP Leads recommend this book on the subject . Anyone find the cockpit from MH370? 17 readers had hope intact. The latest news in that matter is that Prof. Martin Kristensen from Aarhus University has calculated the numbers further and made it fit better with another scenario that could possibly indicate a parachute jump. Parliamentary elections? 16 readers didn’t think Privat-Lars could keep his finger off Minister-Lars’ selection button. 3-week strike/lock-out for public employees? Only 7 readers thought it made it this far.