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The wind would already begin to increase on Saturday morning. Not only with the previously promis 8 m/s but all the way up to 10-12 m/s and when we got north of Hammerodde we would have a direct headwind the rest of the way to Øresund. We chose to continue and lay relatively close to Swen to be a bit shelter. The trip north of Bornholm and across the traffic separation went well. However, it had start to blow up, which meant that we could not keep the 5-6 knots that we had expect but had to settle for around 4 knots. The wave height was around ½ meter which gave some movement in the ships.

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Even though it rock a bit, Sputnik lay neatly in tow behind Bolette. It actually went very well. But when we pass Ystad, the wind pick up even more and the waves start to rise. We now Bulk SMS New Zealand had 8 m/s headwind and about 1 meter waves. This also meant that the spe could not exce 3.5 knots. It felt like it was a long way to Copenhagen. We lay down closer to the coast, to take advantage of the bit of shelter it provid after all. The hot dinner (pasta Carbonara) was cancell. We rock too much for the cook to hold the pans securely on the burner.

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Imag Illustration: Jesper Rosendal, CS When the   went down, according to the plan, we should have lain somewhere in Øresund. We just didn’t. We were about to pass Swen’s DP Leads southernmost point, Smygehuk. This also meant that we got out of shelter and into even bigger waves and even more headwinds. We mov quite a lot in the waves, as did Sputnik. The mast was sometimes out at what look like a 45 degree incline. None of us really thought it was funny anymore. After a short consultation, we agre to seek refuge in Trelleborg and wait there for the wind to die down.