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Murphy who had come on board, you know him with the laws that if something can go wrong, it will probably go wrong The first thing that went wrong wasn’t really in Nexø. It went very well with getting load, pack and provision. It was on Zealand that things went wrong. There, in the afternoon, the police had decid to block off a lot of roads and bridges to and from Zealand, something with a dangerous Swish Volvo One of the clos bridges was the Øresund Bridge, which the rest of the crew had to cross to get to Bornholm. The police’s efforts meant that the 3 crew members were only at Nexø harbor at half past 1 in the morning.

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While we were walking in Nexø and waiting for the bridges on Zealand to be open, Murphy struck again. This time on board Bolette Munkholm. We had run out of Bulk SMS Iran shore power and therefore we had instead set the lighting machine to run, so that we partly had power and partly could charge the battery bank. While we were eating dinner, some rattling noises start coming from the engine room. We rush down there and could ascertain that the sounds were coming from the lighting machine at the same time as there was light smoke. We quickly switch the power to the batteries and switch off the engine.

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Fortunately, it turn out not to be that serious. It was two ball bearings in a belt tensioner that had decid to burn out. Unfortunately, it was not something we could do DP Leads anything about on a Friday evening in Nexø. We therefore decid to do without the light machine. Well, when the whole crew was finally gather, we got the rig tow and got safely out of the harbour. We were probably 4 hours late when we finally set off. On our way north along Bornholm’s east coast, we found out that the weather forecast had chang to somewhat worse weather.