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Addition, of course, there are many things that work fine on the test stand but can never work in our rocket – totally oversiz tanks, huge main valves and so on and so forth. These are the biggest challenges we face in relation to the fluid system for the rocket. In connection with the start-up of the rocket project, we estimat that a mass budget of 20 kg and a length budget of 2 meters would be sufficient for the fluid system – this is 1/3 of the total weight and almost 2/3 of the total length. This also means that 20% optimization of the weight of the fluid system results in many more kilograms sav than if we answer 80% on the electronics.

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Therefore it is quite obviously an important place to put in if we want to reach our mass and length goals. Fuel tanks The fuel tanks make up a large part of the length and approximately Bulk SMS Bahrain one third of the mass of the total fluid system. The starting point for their design is which end bases are available, as they are initially difficult to obtain in non-standard dimensions. The largest suitable end base that will fit in our inner diameter of the rocket is 154mm, leaving 22mm for insulation and fittings. By making a common-bulkhead tank.

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We can save length and a bit of mass, and this gives us a length of approximately 1.2 meters for the total tank, which contains both isopropyl alcohol and liquid DP Leads nitrous oxide. tank_crossg Illustration: Rasmus Persen Since it requires special equipment to manufacture carbon fiber tanks, and since according to various sources, aluminum tanks can be difficult to make tight with small material thicknesses, we choose to make the tanks in steel. In order to ruce the weight as much as possible, we want to use a type of steel with a high yield strength as far as possible.