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Again, the bottoms are limit to what is available without having to go through a lot of trouble, and here it is primarily 316 alloy that is available in stainless bottoms. We estimate the requir wall thickness using the boiler formula, assuming that a spherical end base will be able to withstand greater internal pressure than a cylindrical geometry, and come to the conclusion that an end base with a wall thickness of 3 mm should be reasonably oversiz, but is easily available and does not increase the weight by quite a lot as our diameter is very small compar to the length of the tank.

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The cylinder segment itself, we have a little more freom, as a pipe “simply” has to be custom-made. Here, look immiately for an alloy with a higher yield stress, but which still has Bulk SMS Qatar good corrosion and welding properties. After a short investigation, a duplex steel – 4462 – looks like an obvious candidate, and with a yield stress of over 450 megapascals, over double that of 316, it will make it possible to significantly lower the thickness of the tank wall. With a safety factor of 2.25 and calculat at a pressure of 45 bar, we come to the conclusion that just under 1mm material thickness is sufficient.

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It is at the same time a nice round number that is not too far from the 3 mm end bottoms that must be weld on handlers now it’s just about finding workshops that can DP Leads help with, respectively. procurement of 4462 plate, Before this can happen, however, a number of details are missing – among other things, the various fittings ne to be able to pressurize and empty the tanks, how to measure the oxidizer level in the tank, how to prevent sloshing in the tanks during flight, and so on and so on continue. Valves As mention, industrial valves are often quite squishy – the ones we use on the test stand work very well, but their outer diameter is larger than the rocket, and they weigh approximately 3 kg each.