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Let’s start with a good illustration of a simplex swirler I came across the other day on television. Specifically in “Christmas with Timm, Markus and Katrine” on DR. Here, Markus Grigo has to empty a bottle of wine into a pot and to make it go a little faster. He rotates the bottle so that the liquid rotates inside the bottle. The result is a higher flow rate and that the liquid leaves the opening along the edge and creates a liquid-free zone in the center where air can come the opposite way. A trick many probably know. And the rotating movement of the liquid is the core of a swirler injector. markus Illustration: DR Markus Grigo illustrates the principle in a swirler.

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Markus’ example, the flow rate is not that high, it can be seen that the flow is not fully develope as you would want it in a rocket engine. With increasing pressure, you can increase Bulk SMS India the spee of the liquid in an injector and drastically change how the liquid leaves the opening, this is illustrate brilliantly in the figure below. With high enough pressure, you can see how the liquid film forms a cone surface. which breaks up into tiny droplets. That’s exactly what we want in a rocket engine. Illustration: K. Ghorbanian Flow development with increasing pressure for a simplex swirler. From [1]. Markus made the liquid rotate by simply rotating the bottle, obviously we can’t do that.

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We have two liquid streams

Instead, we cause the fluid to rotate in each injector the fluid to flow into the injector through small hole. Away from the center axis. In this way, the liquid acquires a tangential velocity DP Leads inside the element. Markus’s demonstration and the second series of images are made with only one fluid stream. In a fluid powere rocket engine we naturally have two fluid streams. And here it first gets really beautiful. In a coaxial swirler. That both leave the injector as a thin film that expands each cone surface.

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