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Where the term “functional unit” is use as an expression of the quantity of products or materials that are use to satisfy a need. That is that if the lifetime of a product is double, then the material consumption to cover the need in question will be halve. It will certainly be a challenge to include product life in the current forms of statistics, but then more sociological forms of statistical studies must be develope, where questions are include in some of the national interview studies that are conduct about consumption practices. At the Annual Environmental Strategy Meeting 2018, there was a lot of interest in discussing how the green national accounts can be use in policy development.

Relation to the circular economy

I hope that in 2019, many from research environments, institutions and authorities as well as civil society organizations will help develop analyzes on the circular economy against Buy Bulk SMS Service the background of the green national accounts and, among other things, be involve in developing indicators and their data needs base on this. A working group will be set up as a follow-up to the Annual Meeting’s discussions, where everyone is welcome. Dear readers, As you probably remember, our BPM5 engine uses relatively simple injector technology.

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Simple in the way that it is

Cylindrical disk with a whole lot of holes in it, which leads fuel and LOX into the chamber in the right ratio. Illustration: Niels Foldager The BPM5 engine’s injector seen from the combustion DP Leads chamber side. Photo: Niels Foldager. Manufacturing it requires a 5-axis CNC milling machine and it cause us a lot of pain in the BPM5 process to get access to such a machine. With its 20 times greater fuel consumption, a similar injector for the BPM100 will actually be a bit of a challenge to manufacture, so we’d like to try something a little different. Something that might be easier to manufacture, we will therefore try to make an injector base on co-axial swirlers.