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We therefore decid to leave the ships in the harbor and pick them up when the weather improv. From Nexø harbor’s side, there were no problems in having our ships lying around, they even had space in a hall, so we could have e.g. the rocket standing. We therefore went home with the expectation that we could come back after a week or two and sail the fleet home. It would then turn out not to be so straight to. imag1111g Illustration: Jesper Rosendal, CS In order for us to sail the ships home, it requir us to get the combination of crew and the weather to improve.

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Since most people had us their holidays, we could only field a crew at the weekends. Weather forecasts and water forecasts were studi thoroughly. The weekends in the rest of August Bulk SMS Portugal and the beginning of September were very windy, except for one weekend. We couldn’t put a crew there. We were getting a little desperate and consider several alternative methods to get the rocket and other gear home and perhaps leave Sputnik in Nexø over the winter. Finally, on the last weekend in September, it look like there would be an opportunity. The crew report ready and it look like the wind would die down on Thursday so we could sail from Nexø on Friday evening.

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Thus reach Copenhagen on Saturday evening, before it would start to blow up again There were 3 of us who had the opportunity to take the day off on Friday, so we took the night DP Leads ferry from Køge on Thursday evening and arriv at Nexø harbor on Friday morning. Here we then start packing the rocket on board and preparing the ships so that we were ready for departure when the last crew members arriv on Friday evening. imag1113g Illustration: Jesper Rosendal, CS It was here, at some point during Friday, that a blind passenger sneak on board unnotic.