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Solve this problem, we are working hard to design and test valve actuators bas on, among other things, RC servos, in the hope that they can give us a solution that is simpler, lighter, takes up less space and is cheaper. At the moment, these are bas on a valve body from Swagelok – here there is no doubt that the body itself can meet the requirements we set, and we can therefore focus on making an actuator that can quickly and reliably open when we want that to the extent we want it.

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Illustration: Magnus Madsen As an actuator, we are currently looking at using a powerful servo from Savox, which is rat to be able to deliver 5 Newton metres.   system should be Bulk SMS Kuwait relatively straight-forward – the biggest challenge will be the actual lack of space in the tube and how to route the tubes and place the various components and fittings in such a way that you make optimal use of the space. Before too long we will start to model the rocket in CAD, and in that connection we will probably play a lot with different configurations to find the shortest fluid section we.

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After this, there is primarily one nerve-wracking step left – to lock on to the design and dimensions and start procurement and manufacturing. Since the tanks are DP Leads probably going to cost tens of thousands of kroner to separate, we should probably just run a few design reviews before we get there.   announc that sales of petrol and diesel cars must be stopp in 2030. Or, as he puts it, all new cars after 2035 must be electric cars or another form of zero-emission car. I’ve had really good experiences in electric cars, and at the end of November the Jaguar I-Pace is on the program, and I’m really looking forward to that. But last Friday there were completely different fuels on the program, because it was call a test ride in a Rolls-Royce, which could present all its 12 cylinders in a 25 min.